Guitar Chords and Progressions Package - Two-Video Set

Artie Traum, Pete Huttlinger

A Complete Guide to Chords and How To Use Them

Chords are the backbone of any guitarist's style, and it is imperative that you master them in all their forms. These two instructors each take a different approach to the subject, but together they will give you a solid grounding in your knowledge of chords and your ability to play them. Artie Traum has designed the perfect lesson for ... Read More

Guitar "Licks-Ercises"

Toby Walker

Turn Powerful Fretboard Exercises Into an Arsenal of Blues, Country and Swing Guitar Licks

This encyclopedia of  “exercises disguised as licks” might be the coolest, most user-friendly lesson you’ve ever worked with. Toby Walker has put together dozens of fretboard drills that lead you into phrases for blues, country, swing and boogie-woogie guitar tunes. Do the exercises, then apply the licks in real-life musical situations and really play! Toby’s foundational drills will help you ... Read More

Hammer Dulcimer - A Complete 6-Hour Audio Course

John McCutcheon
A complete course in the hammer dulcimer, taught by one of its leading players! John McCutcheon starts at the beginning, introducing you to the instrument and leading you through a myriad of tunes and techniques to make you an accomplished and versatile instrumentalist. You'll learn a repertoire of more than 20 tunes and variations, in several keys, rhythms and ... Read More

How to Learn Guitar Parts from Recordings

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

12 Tips and Tools for All Players

You hear a compelling acoustic guitar part on a recording, and you want to learn to play it yourself. With so many options for chord shapes and note positions on the fretboard, as well as altered tunings, capos, and other variables, figuring out how to reproduce a recorded part can be a huge challenge. Online resources are notoriously unreliable and ... Read More

How to Play Lead Acoustic Guitar

Artie Traum with Diane Zeigler

Secrets to Successful Song Accompaniment

This may be one of the best lessons we have ever produced for acoustic guitar! Recently discovered in our VHS archives, we have restored it to digital download and it's now available to learning players for the first time in many years. A good accompanist adds depth, sparkle and excitement to a song, punctuating it with improvised lines and ... Read More

Improvising Violin

Julie Lyonn Lieberman

Unleash Your Imagination and Musical Self-Expression!

Leave the confines of the written tune and fly off to the musical freedom of improvisation! Master player and teacher Julie Lyonn Lieberman will help you give voice to your own musical self-expression, no matter what level you're playing at now. You'll learn improvisation techniques in folk, blues, swing, jazz and more. Julie provides important ideas and advice ... Read More

Jazz Piano

Warren Bernhardt

From Basic Theory to Advanced Solo Pieces

One of the world's great contemporary players explores jazz piano from basic theory to advanced solo pieces. Warren Bernhardt shares his vast musical knowledge to give you a real understanding of the piano and its possibilities. He covers the essential scales, modes, chord voicings, intervals, progressions and everything else you need to add excitement, color and creativity to your ... Read More

John McGann's Sound Fundamentals

John McGann

Touch, Tone and Technique for Mandolin

Musicians who are known for having great tone and technique understand that a thorough command of each individual component allows them to produce a large pallet of tones in the most comfortable and efficient manner. Learn the secrets to improving your own touch, tone and technique from one of the world’s finest mandolinists. Topics include: Getting comfortable, pick choice and ... Read More

John McGann's Sound Fundamentals + Rhythm Mandolin

John McGann

Two-Download Set

John McGann’s Sound Fundamentals: Touch, Tone & Technique for Mandolin All Levels - Includes PDF File of Music Transcriptions Musicians who are known for having great tone and technique understand that a thorough command of each individual component allows them to produce a large pallet of tones in the most comfortable and efficient manner. Learn the secrets to improving your ... Read More

Learn to Play Real Cajun Fiddle

Michael Doucet
Michael Doucet is an internationally-known fiddler, Grammy-winning leader of Beausoleil and peerless authority on the Cajun, Creole, Zydeco and old-time music of southwest Louisiana.  These fascinating lessons are chock-full of invaluable fiddle technique; tips on style; information on the great players; and more than 20 great instrumentals. In addition, Michael provides back-up fiddle or accordion parts for each tune ... Read More

Mandolin Licks-ercises

Dix Bruce

Licks, Tunes and Exercises for Beginning and Intermediate Players

Improving your mandolin technique does not have to employ mind-numbing drills and exercises. Dix Bruce shows you licks, solos, kick-offs, endings and complete tunes that will hone your skills so that even near-beginners can use them in real-life playing situations.  Dix’s well thought-out, step-by-step method uses our trademark Licks-ercises concept. Starting with simple “call and response” phrases, he outlines ... Read More

Mandolin Tunes for Practice and Repertoire

Butch Baldassari
One of Nashville's finest players has put together a sampling of twenty-five of his favorite tunes for mandolin. These terrific pieces will help you build a rich repertoire of dance tunes, Celtic melodies, waltzes, airs and even a blues. They have been specifically designed to develop your technique and skill level on the instrument, as well as to provide ... Read More
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