Todd Phillips' Bass Workout and Practice Regimen

Todd Phillips

Build Tone, Timing, Strength and Endurance

The acoustic bass is a notoriously physical instrument, one that demands strength and stamina as well as a keen ear and an overall sense of musicianship. Master bassist Todd Phillips has devised a personal training workout and exercise plan that will help bassists at all levels and in all styles play with great tone, precise timing and in good tune ... Read More

Tools for Musicianship

Matt Glaser
This three-hour audio download course will forever change the way you play your instrument or hear music. They are packed with fascinating information, important exercises and invaluable training techniques that will polish your musical skills and bring your playing to a higher level! Whether your preference is for folk, jazz, bluegrass, country, classical or rock, you will gain deeper musical ... Read More

Twenty Irish Fiddle Tunes

Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke plays twenty tunes from his vast repertoire of Irish traditional music, once slowly for the learning instrumentalists, then up-to-speed to give you the true feel of the tune. You'll learn the melody of each piece, along with the grace notes, rolls, double-stops and other ornaments that make this music so distinctive and that keeps it in the ... Read More

Understanding the Language of Music

Daniel Abrams
Concert pianist Daniel Abrams punctuates his spoken remarks with numerous musical examples (played on piano, organ and harpsichord), and imparts insights that will be invaluable for musicians and non-players who seek to broaden their appreciation of all musical forms. You''ll learn how music is constructed, how it developed, the meaning of musical terms and how to use this knowledge ... Read More

Vocal Style and Performance

Maria Muldaur
On this intimate session, the veteran pop/jazz/blues singer Maria Muldaur reveals many of the important secrets that have helped her to become one of the top entertainers in the country. She shares lessons she has learned from years of experience, providing invaluable advice and helpful hints for anyone who wants to get up on stage and sing. You ... Read More

Warren Bernhardt Teaches Jazz Piano - Volume One

Warren Bernhardt

Volume One: A Hands-On Course in Improvisation and Technique

Add richness to your playing and gain invaluable insight into the musical thinking of a great pianist. Warren Bernhardt's expert use of open and closed chord voicings to create harmonic textures, and his examination of the special colors of the four primary modes, will add depth and beauty to your piano playing. Combine these compositional cornerstones with tempo changes ... Read More
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