The Electric Guitar of Amos Garrett

Amos Garrett
Widely recognized as one of the greatest electric guitarists of our time, Amos Garrett takes apart the construction of lead breaks and solos that have made his style so immediately recognizable, including an in-depth examination of complex multi-string bending. Whether you are a relative novice or professional, this series will improve your playing and expand your command of the guitar ... Read More
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The Electric Guitar of Jorma Kaukonen

Harvey Sorgen, Jack Casady, Jorma Kaukonen

Licks and Techniques Of The Rock Pioneers

Here is a "formula for instant success on the electric guitar." Learn hundreds of great licks for blues and rock playing and use them to create solos and lead lines to rival the best of them! Jorma clearly explains rhythm grooves, picking techniques, lead bass lines, licks, solos and techniques for electric blues and rock tunes. You'll also get ... Read More
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