We were thrilled to see Happy's CD, "Just For the Love of It," with a rave review in Rolling Stone Magazine. Click here for a link to the piece on their website.

A few of the other comments about this recording:

"Happy Traum, the preeminent guitarist...took stock and with a deep, subtle passion recorded an album of his favorite traditional and contemporary songs and instrumentals. ... his fingers still do their dance on the guitar as agilely as in his youth and he sings with the experience only years provide.” - Rich Warren, Midnight Special Favorites of 2015

"...another very sweet gem of a CD. As usual, Happy has impeccable taste in choosing a program of great traditional folk and blues songs or contemporary songs written in the tradition and even better taste in the way he arranges them with both reverence for his sources and the originality of his always creative fingerpicking guitar and warm singing. He also surrounds himself – track to track – with just the right set of supporting musicians for each song and arrangement." - Mike Regenstrief, Folk Roots and Branches

"Your CD is fantastic!!! I feel as if I'm hearing many of these songs for the first time. The playing is exquisite from everyone involved. Your love of this music is so infectious you have truly infused time-honored classics with a hefty dose of The Present. I will be listening to this CD for a long time. With each listen I find myself thinking of various friends who MUST hear this record. Hats off to you and the whole crew!" - Terre Roche

In the Top Ten picks for 2015 by Ron Olesko, WFDU-FM

#2 on FolkDJ Charts for November

Top 25 of all folk radio play for 2015

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