12-String Guitar Techniques

Happy Traum

Blues, Rags, Ballads and Instrumentals

90-minute video, includes music and tab file on pdf
  • Code:DLHAPTW21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Play the powerful basses, dynamic rhythms and rich, resonant chords that are only possible on the 12-string guitar! This lesson by veteran guitarist Happy Traum teaches songs, styles and techniques that will open up vast possibilities on this exciting instrument.

The 12-string's six sets of doubled strings provide a depth of sound, richness of tone and rhythmic possibilities that are unique in the guitar family. This user-friendly, easy-to-follow video is just what you need to get into the traditional styles of Lead Belly, Pete Seeger and other 12-string innovators. From the secrets of proper stringing and tuning to a whole range of fingerpicking ideas, your 12-string playing is guaranteed to jump to a whole new level.

You'll soon be playing classic blues, rags, folk songs and instrumentals: The boogie woogie-style walking bass lines of Alabama Bound and Good Morning Blues, the haunting harmonies of In The Pines, and rare Lead Belly arrangements of House of the Rising Sun and Never Said a Mumblin' Word. In addition, you'll learn three compelling arrangements to folk songs in dropped-D tuning: Times Are Getting Hard, Delia's Gone and  Bright Morning Stars.

Note: This lesson addresses specific styles for the 12-string guitar, but the songs and techniques will be of interest to 6-string players as well. Try adapting this material to whichever instrument you are currently playing.

Student Review:

"I want you to know how much I have learned from your video on the 12-string guitar. I think this is one of your best lessons; it has really motivated me to get more into playing the 12-string." -- Mark Pink


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