A Guitarist's Guide to Better Practicing

Pete Huttlinger

Improve Technique, Build Stamina and Increase Speed

90-minute DVD, includes music and tab
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  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)
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Peter Huttlinger's amazing guitar technique didn't just happen. He developed it over the years, enhanced by good practice and exercise regimens. As a guitar teacher with more than sixteen years experience, Pete knows that the most important thing that players need is guidance in their practicing routine. He has seen guitarists playing a piece for years, making the same mistakes over and over without knowing how to fix the problem.

Now, with this powerful lesson filled with invaluable advice and insider's tips, you can increase your guitar skills and perfect your playing style through proper practice routines. You'll learn how to isolate the problem phrases in a piece of music, use a metronome to build solid rhythm, increase your picking speed (flatpick or finger style), train your "muscle memory," and, perhaps most importantly, learn how to manage your practice time for sure results. Pete provides numerous scales and exercises to help you gain fingerboard knowledge, strengthen your fingers and develop right and left hand coordination. Finally, you'll put it all to practical use by learning to conquer a dazzling instrumental, The Monaghan Jig, taking it apart phrase by phrase using Pete's practice method.

This is a lesson that will benefit all guitarists. Whatever level you are starting from, you'll see the quality of your playing grow by leaps and bounds, and you'll get more pleasure from your music making.

Pete's Comments:

"The idea for this lesson came about after years of giving private guitar instruction. People love to play music, and the guitar is probably the single most popular instrument to play. And why not? It's relatively easy to get started, it's portable (you can take it anywhere), but mostly it's just plain fun.

However, after learning a few favorite songs or a cool riff we remember from our childhood, most of us want to improve and get to the next level. The biggest hurdle I ran into was that students didn't really understand how to practice. They knew what to practice but the how was always the real problem. Manytimes I'd sit in the room with them and spend the entire lesson actually practicing along with them. Every time I did that they would leave the room a better player than when they entered - all because we practiced hard together.

Hopefully, you will take the ideas, exercises and pieces that I teach in this lesson and apply them to your own playing. If you do, you will see amazing results. Enjoy! Pete"

Student Review:

"I've had your "Guitarist's Guide to Better Practicing" for some weeks now. Your lessons are the first I've found that focus on hand development rather than teaching of tunes. I'd been stuck for some time (years) in improving right and left hand strength and flexibility. Your exercises...are simply excellent." -- Ken Julkowski


Joe 2 years, 5 months ago

As a guide to practice and development, this DVD, along with Huttlinger's Homespun DVD on chords, will make a better guitar player. You'll be able to make those chords and stretches you couldn't before. playing becomes easier and more fun.

Practice enough to get hand cramps and you may want to curse Pete, but he seems like a nice guy. his ability (you know he practices a lot) and his humor will get you through. Do the work. Trust the process.

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Roger Matthews 2 years, 2 months ago

This was a really helpful lesson series for me. I bought the download which I especially like as you can slow the split screen down to a slower speed and really put what Pete is doing under a magnifying glass.

I came back and purchase 3 other Pete Huttlinger series lessons. His own compositions are really beautiful. He is an amazing player, teacher and arranger. I hadn't heard of Pete before but he is one of my favorite players now.

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