A Six-Pack of Advanced Bluegrass Licks

Josh Yenne
25-Minute video, includes tab on pdf file and audio rhythm tracks
  • Code:DLYENGT21
  • Skill Level:Advanced Intermediate (5)

Guitar flatpickers will love these six hot licks! Multi-instrumentalist and session player Josh Yenne brings his potent chops to this terrific lesson, teaching you phrases that will bring power and excitement to any bluegrass solo you play.

As you learn these licks, you’ll be building your flatpicking skills and gaining a strong foundation for creating lead solos for any bluegrass song.

Although this lesson involves some advanced techniques, they are broken down in an easy-to-follow, clearly taught format that will appeal to all aspiring players. 

Josh teaches four licks to play over a G chord and two that can be played over a C chord. He plays them slowly and up-to-speed, and then shows you variations so you can expand on them to make them your own. As he demonstrates them, backup tracks bring the licks to life and put them in playing context.

Here’s a chance to pick up some outstanding licks that can be quickly put to use at jam sessions. Grab your Six Pack of Licks and show them off to your musical friends!

Bonus: Audio rhythm backing tracks, both slowed down and up-to-speed, are included for enhanced practice sessions.


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