A Six-Pack of Country Guitar Licks

Josh Yenne

For Telecaster and Other Electric Instruments

25 minute video, includes tab on pdf file and practice rhythm tracks
  • Code:DLYENCG21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Plug in that electric guitar and start bending and sliding your way to country guitar prowess! Multi-instrumentalist session player Josh Yenne teaches six easy but useful licks on his Telecaster that will provide a great foundation for any aspiring country picker.

Josh teaches three licks in A and three licks in E, accompanied by play-along tracks in both the “train beat” and shuffle rhythms that are ubiquitous in country music.

As a bonus, these audio rhythm backing tracks, in slowed-down and up-to-speed versions, can be downloaded for enhanced practice sessions.

You’ll start by learning the ear-catching “chicken pickin’” style, using right-hand “hybrid” (pick-and-fingers) technique that elicited a classic country guitar sound.  As you go through each of the licks, you’ll increase your knowledge of the fretboard and will eventually be able to “stitch them together” to build dynamic solos.

Josh Yenne is a masterful teacher who succinctly breaks down these six quintessential country guitar phrases. From the first lick to the last, you will gain insight into how to make these simple but effective phrases your own. So, start bending and sliding your way to great country guitar!


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