A Six-Pack of Moveable Blues Licks

Adam Traum

With Play-Along Backup Tracks

One-Hour video, Includes tab on pdf file and Play-Along Jam Tracks
  • Code:DLADABL21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Playing lead lines and licks for blues tunes teaches you a lot about navigating the guitar’s fretboard. In this fun one-hour session, Adam Traum teaches six truly cool moveable licks (no open strings) in a variety of positions. Once you learn them, you can simply slide them up or down to the chord or key that the song requires. 

With the help of play-along jam tracks in a variety of grooves and tempos, Adam demonstrates ways to move these six licks to multiple keys up and down the neck. He provides invaluable tips on optimal fingerings, the use of slides and string bending, chromatic runs, a “less traveled” minor pentatonic position,“raking” the strings with the pick, and many more ideas to help you tap into a great blues sound.

As you get these dynamic phrases under your fingers, you can isolate the rhythm tracks to get them perfected in any given tempo. So get your “Six-Pack of Moveable Blues Licks” and start laying down some great blues riffs.


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