A Six-Pack of Tony Rice Licks

Josh Yenne
29 minute video, includes Tab and Practice Tracks to Download
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Tony Rice’s unique style has intrigued bluegrass flatpickers for decades, and his lightning-fast licks have influenced generations of aspiring guitarists. Continuing his popular “Six Pack” series, Josh Yenne methodically breaks down six of Tony’s classic licks in a way that’s easy to learn and to play along with.

A sought-after sideman and gifted instructor, Josh plays each lick at different speeds, from moderately slow to up-to-speed performance tempos, to ensure that they will be accessible to learning players at all levels. The backing tracks can be downloaded separately for productive practice sessions.

You’ll learn two licks from On and On and one each from Gold Rush, Ain’t Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I’m gone, I’ve Waited As Long As I Can and How Mountain Girls Can Love. These dynamic phrases can be used in a wide variety of bluegrass tunes, mainly played out of the G and C shapes, and include key components that will give your picking more excitement and polish.

So pick up your guitar and start learning a “six-pack” of fantastic licks that will be a wellspring of inspiration for any bluegrass song you find yourself picking.


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