Acoustic Blues Guitar - A Beginner's Guide

Happy Traum
Three audio hours plus tab pdf file
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Learn to play in the styles of great country bluesmen such as Brownie McGhee, Lightnin' Hopkins, Big Bill Broonzy, Leadbelly and countless others! Happy starts with the assumption that you know nothing at all about playing blues, and all the basics are covered for novice players. The lessons progress very quickly, though, so that before the first lesson is finished you'll be playing songs, licks and turnarounds, and be well on your way to developing your own blues repertoire and style.

You'll learn how to maintain a steady bass rhythm while playing a blues melody on the treble strings; "walk the basses" along with other bass rhythm patterns; improvise solos on the bass strings and high on the neck; and play arrangements for nearly 20 classic songs in the blues style, including Good Morning Blues, New Stranger Blues, Kansas City, In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down, C C Rider, Evil-Hearted Me, Rock Island Line, Midnight Special, Fan It, Rock Me Mama, My Little Woman's So Sweet, Betty and Dupree, Goin'' Down Slow, Blood-Red River and Come Back Baby.


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