Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals - Video 1

Martin Simpson

Celtic Arrangements in Alternate Tunings

75-minute Video, Includes music + tab book on pdf file
  • Code:DLSIMGT21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Learn Martin Simpson's most compelling arrangements, along with the guitar techniques that give his playing great distinction and popularity.

Martin has pioneered the use of altered tunings to bring out the widest possible harmonic range of the guitar, and each of the songs on this video features that special sound. You'll learn three Scottish airs in dropped-D tuning: Rosie Anderson, The Shearing's Not for You and Bogie's Bonnie Belle. Then, on to an altered G tuning for two traditional American tunes, the evocative Pretty Saro and the spectacular Long Steel Rail. For the latter Martin teaches his unique guitar frailing (most commonly used by clawhammer banjo players), combining it with hammer-ons and pull-offs in a stunning display of guitar virtuosity. Finally, you'll learn one of his powerful original compositions, Santa Cruz.

Martin reveals his ideas about guitar musicianship and chord theory; how to get good tone; techniques for moving up and down the neck' the uses of movable scales and chords, hammers and pulls, harmonics. This lesson will inspire guitarists of all levels and styles.


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