Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals - Video 3

Martin Simpson

Developing Style & Repertoire

60-minute video, Includes music + tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLSIMGT23
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

"His performances elicit powerful emotions and subtle, understated beauty. Sheer mastery of the acoustic guitar."-- Guitar Player Magazine

Get ready to dig into more of Martin Simpson's beautiful and compelling guitar arrangements in alternate tunings. He begins his third lesson with Donal Ogg and My Generous Lover, tunes that highlight the richness of 'G sus.4' tuning. Betsy The Serving Maid is first sung unaccompanied, then Martin teaches the basic melody on guitar. He gradually adds bass notes, harmonies, chordal structure and percussive beats, finishing with a full performance of the tune.

One of Martin's showstoppers is his spectacular rendition of The Cuckoo Bird, featuring a mountain minor banjo tuning. He slows down this driving Appalachian tune to analyze his unusual and dynamic right hand picking style. This one song is guaranteed to keep you busy for months! Finally, Martin turns his discussion to DADGAD, using the Irish fiddle tune Miss McClouds's Reel to illustrate how you can build a guitar instrumental using this popular tuning.

This lesson, along with the others in this three-video set, will open up a world of possibilities for anyone who wants to develop a distinctive solo repertoire, improve technique and create beautiful guitar arrangements.


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