Arrangements for Solo Acoustic Guitar - Video 1

Pete Huttlinger

Lesson 1 - Instrumentals From a National Champion

90-minute video, includes music and tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLHUTAG21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

When you hear the late Pete Huttlinger on recordings it's no mystery why he won the National Fingerpicking Competition in Winfield, Kansas, or why he became a powerful force in the acoustic guitar world. Pete's picking is clean, soulful and, at times, blazingly fast. Whether he plays his arrangement of a classic pop tune or one of his own compositions, listeners are inevitably startled by what they hear.

Pete starts with the lyrical Lennon/McCartney tune "And I Love Her," played on a nylon string guitar. This richly textured but relatively easy piece will get you set up for the challenges that follow.

Next, Pete takes the classic Steely Dan song "Josie" and builds up a powerful rendition complete with moving bass parts, jazz chord formations and a funky groove that doesn't quit. Then it's on to "Brown Bomber," Pete's fingerpicking tour de force that will give you an incredible workout while you learn cascading runs across the entire range of the fingerboard.

Switching to a flatpick and DADGAD tuning, Pete teaches "Catch and Release," the title tune to one of his popular CDs and one that is rich in a variety of ear-catching guitar sounds.

As you've come to expect, Peter Huttlinger's teaching style is clear, methodical and personable. He imparts musical knowledge and playing tips while going through these show-stopping instrumentals. This lesson will provide months of intense study and dramatic pieces to play.


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