Banjo Arrangements of the Kingston Trio

George Grove

Learn to Play Classic Folk Songs

90 minute video , includes tab on pdf file
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  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

If you're among the millions of fans who love the signature sound of the Kingston Trio and want to create it on your banjo, this fun and easy lesson is for you! Playing his long neck Vega 5-string, veteran Kingston Trio member George Grove teaches the banjo style, originally created by Dave Guard, that has long been instantly recognizable throughout the world.

George's mantra is "Keep it simple," and his series of "fake frails" enable you to get a strong, rhythmic sound with easy-to-learn strumming techniques. Add a note that he calls "the toggle," and you get the unmistakable Kingston Trio sound that has influenced countless players and groups through the years.

You'll learn a variety of skills that can be used to enhance any song you choose to play: song intros, accents and syncopations, chord progressions, parallel thirds, picking patterns and rolls, and other left and right hand techniques.

Before long you'll be playing and singing along to classic folk hits  Tom Dooley, M.T.A., A Worried Man, Three Jolly Coachmen, Hard, Ain't It Hard, Corey, Corey, Early Morning Rain, Coast Of California and Rolling River.

Student Reviews:

"The Kingston Trio DVD is one of the BEST things I ever bought from you, and I've been buying for over 30 years." -- Robert Croft

"Wow! What a tour de force! It was all I imagined andso much, much more. I wanted something which would teach me the basics, and take me well beyond, and I got it. Your introduction of the"fake Frailing" was exactly what I needed, and it sets up everything else.When you explained the parallel thirds, I could hear it in so many songs, and I look forward to using this, not only inthe banjo parts, but also in the guitar parts I will be recording. 'Flavor' is a great word, and it makes for a really tasty mix." -- Henry Barker

"George does a super job of showing the truly unique banjo style that began with Dave Guard and was continued and developed by John Stewart. The whole DVD is great fun to watch, whether you're interested in playing the banjo KT style or not, and you can't help but be impressed by George's banjo talent. He really understands what makes the KT banjo style unique, and he explains how to play that style for anyone who wants to learn to use it. Great fun!" -- Mitch Finley


"Grove's mantra is "keep it simple" whether he's talking about technique or music, and after 28 years of gigs, he clearly knows what works. Highly recommended." --Video Librarian


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