Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar

Steve Kaufman
70-minute video, Includes music + tab pdf file
  • Code:DLKAUGT21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Here's your chance to learn the basics of bluegrass back-up guitar! Steve Kaufman teaches you how to play solid rhythm, from playing behind the simplest two-chord song to the complex chord progressions needed to accompany Texas-style fiddle tunes.

Steve starts with the fundamentals, showing you how to hold the pick, get good tone, and play the basic bass/chord rhythm patterns solidly and accurately. Then he moves on to important embellishments, such as adding bass walks, playing the famous Lester Flatt "G run," altering your chord shapes to add moving bass lines within a song and other essential techniques. Steve also provides valuable insiders' tips, such as "how to keep up when the going gets fast," and developing "muscle memory" for more accurate chord work.

This lesson in back-up rhythm guitar is illustrated with some classic bluegrass tunes. Playing along with Steve will give you the practice you'll need to use these techniques in other bluegrass songs. You'll soon be playing solid back-ups in jam sessions or any picking situation!

Songs: Wabash Cannonball, Blackberry Blossom, Sally Goodin.


"This video, taught by the flatpicker's flatpicker, is cohesive and well-focused. It will give even experienced guitarists important tips and solid technical information to improve their playing." -- Acoustic Guitar Magazine


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