Basic Theory That Every Guitarist Should Know - Audio download and 64 page pdf book

Happy Traum

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64-page pdf plus audio download
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This clear, informative and user-friendly pdf book has been expanded from Happy's top-selling videos of the same name, it's packed with information, musical examples, informative text and graphic charts. Happy personally guides you through the book and the accompanying instructional audio portion to help you better understand your instrument and the music you play on it.

This 64-page pdf can be used as a companion to the videos or as a stand-alone resource. Either way, it will provide hours of invaluable instruction.

"Whatever style of guitar playing you're into, it's important to have at least a basic understanding of how the frets, notes, chords, and scales all fit together to make music. In other words, you should know a little about music theory."-- From the introduction to Basic Theory That Every Guitarist Should Know.

Customer Comment:

"I really like the material on "Basic Theory That Every Guitarist Should Know" - CD and book. Recommend it to all players irrespective of the level of proficiency as it is practical and gets you thinking in new ways that enhance your playing. As to the last very cool piece in the book, "Buddy Bolden's Blues", it sounds a lot like Blind Blakes's "You Gonna Quit Me Blues" from Yazoo's "The Best There Ever Was" without the intro. Cool, especially if you move the chords up the neck to mirror the melody of the song!!!" - Brian


Jerry Shinfeld 3 years, 4 months ago

I’ve been privileged to have Happy Traum as an instructor at an acoustic guitar camp. I’ve seen how knowledgeable he is, and how he is able to arrange the information in an order that is understandable and practical for the student. However, there is only so much that you can absorb in a limited amount of classroom time, which is why I also value video instruction.

Volumes 1&2 of the Basic Theory That Every Guitar Player Should Know are truly the best instructional videos that I have ever viewed (and I’ve tried many). I say this as they demonstrate and connect essential topics that I have attempted to learn and apply to my playing. Additionally, he teaches key elements that I thought were years ahead of me, but I’ve now learned. A significant amount of material is covered and since the sections flow so well together and Happy teaches them in such an enlightening way, you soon see how your knowledge becomes solidified. As just one example, I've utilized more on movable chords from only a few sections in these lessons than I learned from whole videos I previously purchased elsewhere. I think that these are equivalent to at least 10+ lessons from a normal teacher. If you are at a level where the guidance covered is applicable, I highly recommend them.

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