Bluegrass Banjo Tunes and Techniques

Tony Trischka
90 Minute video, includes tab on pdf file
With David Grier, Guitar and Andrea Zonn, fiddle
  • Code:DLTRIBJ21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

This high-octane course in Scruggs-style banjo is perfect for the intermediate picker who wants to get to the next level. It is chock-full of terrific tunes and invaluable instruction.

The traditional instrumentals that Tony teaches are part of the essential repertoire that every aspiring picker should know. He provides an in-depth analysis of each tune, and adds invaluable advice and instruction in how to employ rolls, chokes, slides, intros, endings, chord inversions and other important techniques that will give your solos the true bluegrass sound. You'll also learn how to back up a soloist, use syncopation, improvise, and overcome timing and speed problems.

Songs: John Henry, John Hardy, Nine-Pound Hammer, Cross-Eyed Cricket, Soldier's Joy, Liza Jane, Weeping Willow, Bluegrass Blues, Little Maggie, Leather Britches.

Tony is accompanied by veteran musicians David Grier and Andrea Zonn, providing examples of how each tune is played in the context of a bluegrass band.

BONUS! This lesson comes with audio back-up tracks. Great for practice sessions to get you ready for a live playing situation.


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