Bluegrass Jamming

Pete Wernick

A Guide for Newcomers and Closet Pickers

105 minute video, Includes lyrics and chords on a pdf file to view or print. With Nick Forster, Sally Van Meter, Michael Kang, Ben Kaufman, Eric Walser and Joan (Nondi) Wernick.
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  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Pete Wernick now has the perfect solution for novice bluegrass players who want to start jamming, or for any picker wanting to build experience and confidence. He has gathered several top musicians to create a "virtual jam session" that players of any level can get in on. Here's an opportunity to participate in this wonderful activity, and get ready for the "real thing" -- so grab your instrument, open your download library, and pick along!

Pete and his exciting all-star jam band teach you the ins and outs of "jam etiquette," along with the basics of music theory, handy jamming hints, and lots of other invaluable information. You'll learn to change chords and play solos for 17 bluegrass standards. Regardless of the instrument you play -- guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, Dobro, bass -- you'll soon be playing along with the great songs and instrumentals on this lesson. Best of all, it'll be fun to make music with Nick, Sally, Eric, Michael, Ben and Pete as they play through the repertoire at an easy-going, slow-to-medium tempo. They even leave a place in every song for you to try your own solo!

The songs you'll be jamming on are:  Old Home Place, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, In the Pines, Footprints in the Snow, Salt Creek, How Mountain Girls Can Love, Soldier's Joy, New River Train, Sitting on Top of the World, Long Journey Home, Worried Man Blues, Hot Corn Cold Corn, Handsome Molly, Take Me Back to Tulsa, Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky, and Blue Moon of Kentucky.


"This DVD is fantastic to say the least. For any bluegrass picker who wants to practice his chops before getting together with some "real" musicians, this is the DVD to get." -- Tri-State Bluegrass Journal, Summer 2005

Student Review:

"I'm writing to let you know that I recently purchased Pete Wernick's "Bluegrass Jamming: A Guide for Newcomers and Closet Pickers" and it is fantastic! Just what the doctor ordered for a new fiddler like myself who wants to have a chance to work on stuff in a way you just can't when you actually go to a jam session. It moves along at a great pace and I'm just so happy I bought this. Thank you to Pete and friends for making it, and thanks to you at Homespun for making it available." -- Susan Moreschi


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