Blues Harmonica - Six-audio hour set

Paul Butterfield, John Sebastian
Six-audio hour SET: Three by John Sebastian and three by Paul Butterfield
  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

Two blues harmonica masters share the secrets they've learned through years of exploring their instrument, helping you to acquire the tools and techniques you'll need to become an accomplished blues player yourself.

In this unique six lesson series, two pioneering blues harmonica players combine the rudiments and mechanics of playing the harp with some dynamic theories and insights into the blues: the music, the performers, and the state of mind. These CDs will teach you to play this instrument with all the expressiveness and power of the great bluesmen.

John Sebastian teaches beginners the basics of the blues harp, including straight or "out" playing as well as "cross" harp, along with techniques such as breathing, tonguing, hand tremolo, tongue vibrato and bending reeds.

For more advanced players, the late Paul Butterfield gets into electric harp techniques, discussing and demonstrating how to get the best tone and expression playing long tones, how to use two harps in one song, play in minor keys, and much more.

Songs and instrumentals taught include Fox Chase, Stagolee, Whiskey, Welcome Back, Roadhouse Blues, Bread and Butterfield, Amazing Grace, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Key to the Highway, and others.


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