Blues Piano Explorations, Two Video Set

David Bennett Cohen

Minor and Major Blues

Lesson 1: Playing in Minor Keys. Lesson 2: Playing in Major Keys. Total time: 150 Minutes Note: There is no printed music with this course.
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  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

The first lesson of this two-part video series concentrates on playing blues in minor keys. It’s packed with essential music instruction and it features blues scales, chord progressions, riffs, runs and solos that will build on any piano student’s skills and musical technique.

David covers a wide range of blues styles and feels: a guitar-derived “half-clave” calypso-like rhythm; a cool slow blues; shuffles; and syncopated rhythms. David provides innumerable insights into blues improvisation and musicianship that will enhance every piano player’s ability to bring real depth to their music.

In Lesson  2, David looks at intermediate-level tunes and improvisations in a variety of major keys. Both back-up accompanists and soloists will learn powerful piano moves that will increase your rhythmic and harmonic development and help you shine at the keyboard.

David starts his lesson with a strong shuffle rhythm in the key of C, and teaches three variations that can be intertwined and applied to other tunes with this rhythmic feel. He briefly references his extensive guitar background, showing how a guitar line in the key of A can be turned into a strong piano riff.  Throughout this lesson, David clearly explains the theory behind the notes in order to deepen your understanding of how the music works. You’ll learn songs, turnarounds, chord substitutions, a cool “Mojo” style groove, great runs and musical ideas that will add power and color to your piano repertoire.

Note: There is no printed music with this course. From David Bennett Cohen: "When I teach, I very rarely use written music. The stuff I teach is really not meant to be read, and my teaching is very clear and easy to follow."

Photo of David Cohen: Joseph Rosen


Ed Cupman 3 years, 6 months ago

David Bennett Cohen does it again! His new video series on blues piano is absolutely terrific. True to form, David has filled the videos with extremely valuable tips and tricks. But, just like his other Homespun lessons, he goes way beyond just demonstrating how to play the blues, David lays out how his musical mind works; that is, how he “thinks” at the piano...and this I find valuable to no end. Thank you David for another one of your comprehensive guides into the soul of blues piano.

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