Bryan Bowers' Autoharp Techniques

Bryan Bowers

Developing Your Skills

85-minute Video
  • Code:DLBOWAU21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Bryan Bowers astounds and entertains audiences everywhere with his powerful stage presence and Autoharp virtuosity. On this instructive and entertaining lesson, he breaks down his techniques for players who want to get beyond simple strumming and into more interesting song arrangements and solo instrumental styles.

Autoharpists will be amazed at the sounds they will get using Bryan's well-honed methods. He teaches thumb lead with index finger backstroke, the art of good accompaniment for backing up your vocal, and how to find the melody, adding one, two and even three harmony parts to it.

You'll get invaluable advice on setting up and tuning your harp, changing the chord bars, finding the "sweet spot" for getting the best sound, using picks (on all five fingers), "the mirror trick" to avoid arm tension and injury and many other invaluable subjects.

You'll learn full solo Autoharp arrangements of Battle Hymn Of The Republic, Old Joe Clark, Hard Times, Farther Along, Golden Slippers, Simple Gifts, I'll Fly Away and Gold Watch and Chain.


"Bryan has mined his realm of experience gathered over the last three decades to come up with an extraordinary 85-minute program. The video is divided into numerous categories, each of which provides a mini-showcase of some facet of Bryan's technique and artistry. . . Bryan exhibits a true master's touch throughout the project -- not that we would have expected anything less. The enormous impact that this man has made in the autoharp world is evidenced once again via this outstanding learning tool. Autoharp clubs, as well as individual 'harpers wishing to hone their skills, will want to invest in this video." -- Autoharp Clearinghouse


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