Celtic Instrumentals For Fingerstyle Guitar - Video 2

Al Petteway

Alternate Tunings

70-minute video, Includes music and tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLALPGT22
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Al Petteway continues his excellent lesson with five beautiful and evocative guitar instrumentals in the Celtic style. This time, he covers songs and effects that can be attained through a variety of tunings, including standard, dropped-D, open G and low C.

Al shows you how to create your own arrangements by finding the melody within the chord structure, then fleshing it out with pipe-like drone notes, chord substitutions, moving bass lines, the rhythmic "Scottish Snap" and other Celtic-sounding elements. Embellishment techniques--right hand rolls, hammers, pull-offs, etc.--help you turn basic tunes into elegant guitar pieces.

You'll learn wonderful exercises for developing your right- and left-hand speed and dexterity, along with complete arrangements for five beautiful instrumentals: Fy to the Hills in the Morning (Johnny Cope), Light and Airy (a slip jig), the classic Sidh Beag Sidh Mor, Red Haired Boy and Jock O'Hazeldean. Finally, Al pulls all the elements together with his Caledon Wood, a piece that incorporates everything he has taught on both volumes: right hand rhythm patterns, damping effects, harmonics, lyrical and percussive playing, and more.

These lessons will give you invaluable insights into the music of one of the world's most accomplished fingerstyle soloists and accompanists.


"Al Petteway is quickly building a catalogue of some of the most beautiful instrumental guitar work ever recorded." -- Dirty Linen Magazine


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