Classical Guitar - Arrangements of Four Beloved Folk Songs

Frederic Hand
80 minute DVD, includes music and tab
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)
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Guitar virtuoso Frederic Hand teaches exquisite classical guitar arrangements of four widely known and much-beloved American folk songs: The Water is Wide, Wayfaring Stranger, Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair and We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder. He shows you how, by using lush chords, rich harmonies and inventive improvisational elements, you can make each one a beautiful and compelling performance piece.

Fred teaches full concert arrangements as well as easier alternate versions for novice players who are just getting into this style of music. Learning either (or both) of these will be deeply satisfying for anyone who loves the sound of classical guitar. Fred Hand makes this a complete learning experience by carefully explaining chord extensions and substitutions, harmonic voicings up and down the neck of the guitar and elements of music theory. He shows how to use improvisational techniques and ways to enhance these as well as other songs, so that you can make them truly your own.

Note: Although most classical guitarists prefer the tone and feel of nylon strings, these pieces can also be played on steel string guitars.


Ron R 1 year, 8 months ago

This is a very good course. I would say that the title is misleading in that it isn't about "classical guitar" but about "fingerstyle" guitar. These are well known and loved traditional songs broken down into very interesting arraignments . What I liked the most is that Mr. Hand was comfortable explaining "the why" of his musical decisions which you can then apply to your own playing. His explanations and focus on the left hand, fingering choices and neck positions make this a fun video for the advancing player. I think players with at least bar chords under their control (or the notes of the 6th (and 1st) and 2nd strings can also get something out of this. They should understand there will be a lot of rewinding but they will grow quickly. In short this was more than just learning four folk songs in flowering finger style - you're given a personal musical tour.

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Bill Chivers 4 months ago

I have just purchased this and I am sure that it will be up to the usual Homespun standards. (I have a shelf full of Homespun products...)
But ... Linux users beware, you will not be able to play the download. It is in a DRM protected format and it will only play via "Purple Player", which is not compiled for Linux.

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