Classical Mandolin - Two Video Set

Caterina Lichtenberg

Basic Techniques of Classical Mandolin and The Art of the Tremolo

Two videos, includes music and tab on pdf file
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Here's a complete 2-video course in classical mandolin by the incomparable virtuoso Caterina Lichtenberg. The techniques she covers on these two lessons will improve your picking and fretting skills, build your musical development, expand your repertoire and provide a powerful sense of all-around musicianship. In addition, you'll learn to play gorgeous pieces that will astound your listeners and provide a real sense of accomplishment.

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Lesson 1: Basic Techniques of Classical Mandolin

The internationally-renowned classical mandolinist Caterina Lichtenberg makes the music of this beautiful, expressive instrument accessible to players at all levels. Whether you are a newcomer to the mandolin or are already adept in bluegrass, jazz, or other genres, her instructional DVD will bring new ideas, techniques and repertoire to your playing. 

From the study of Greensleeves to a Bach Menuett; from Frere Jacques to Beethoven’s Sonatina in C minor, there is a wealth of material here to delight and challenge you. Caterina introduces concepts and exercises that will affect pick speed and accuracy, scales, vibrato, tremolo, arpeggios, left hand fingering, harmonics and more. Her clear and engaging instruction will bring new ideas, techniques and gorgeous repertoire to all players of the instrument.

Lesson 2: The Art of the Tremolo

The sound of the tremolo has defined the mandolin through the ages. Whether playing old Italian folk songs, Romantic era classical pieces or folk and bluegrass standards, executing the tremolo with expressiveness, depth and complexity is the hallmark of a truly accomplished mandolinist. 

There’s a seemingly endless variety of compelling sounds you can get from the tremolo: single, double and triple string work; pizzicato (pulling off); staccato and legato; and “duo style,” an astonishing technique that makes the mandolin sound like two instruments at once. Caterina Lichtenberg teaches them all on this truly inspiring, in-depth lesson.


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