Classics of Country Blues Guitar - Six CD Set

Rory Block
Six CDs plus music and tab book
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  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)
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Learn to play some of the greatest Delta blues guitar solos of all time, taught in accurate detail by a contemporary master of the genre. Rory Block breaks down these fingerstyle pieces phrase-by-phrase, providing the details of how to play them with all the nuances and subtleties of the originals. At the same time, you'll acquire the technical skills you'll need to discover and play other classic blues tunes.

Robert Johnson is the best known of the intensely powerful musicians who created these songs in the early part of the Twentieth Century, but he was by no means the only outstanding player. You'll also learn the sounds and styles of great artists such as Willie Moore, Tommy Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Willie Brown, Skip James, Blind Blake and the Reverend Robert Wilkins.

The instruction on these CDs will help you develop technical skills using standard and open tunings, treble melodies, bass runs, slides, string bends, harmonics and dynamic strumming styles. Rory also gets you started on improvisation by providing a number of variations on the intros, solos and endings of the pieces.

Here are the classic tunes you'll soon be playing: Old Country Rock, Statesboro Blues, Big Road Blues, Canned Heat, Walkin' Blues, Cross Road Blues, Frankie and Albert, Future Blues, M&O Blues, Police Dog Blues, Devil Got My Man, Mississippi Blues, Ain't No Way for Me to Get Along.


ERIC DYER 1 year ago

Rory is a great player, historian, and teacher, but be aware that this is an audio lesson only. It clearly says it's CDs in the description but I didn't consider what that meant and was quite disappointed to realize there is no video content.

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Happy Traum 1 year ago

Sorry for the misunderstanding, Eric. The advantage to our audio series is that, while you don't get the visuals, there is a lot more material - six hours in this case - that you can learn. Many more songs and techniques, and they're taught in much more detail. I personally think these lessons are a great deal, but if you want to exchange them for something else of an equal value, just get in touch with our office.

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David Rose 8 months, 1 week ago

Although not visually entertaining, the audio lessons provide a great way to learn complete songs. If you really buckle down, there is no better way to learn how to read tab or standard notation. If you have a looping device on your CD player you can break down and learn songs one measure at a time or several measures. It is hard work, but worth it.

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Michael J. Morgan 6 days, 4 hours ago

Yes, it's true, these are audio CDs and there is no accompanying video. And I am not being paid, coerced or otherwise prodded by Happy, Jane, or Rory to make the following comments. ;) This is one of the very first Homespun Tapes that I purchased years ago when such things were still on cassette tape. In short order, I learned every one of these songs, and thanks to the kickstart of these instructional CDs, I soon became a passable delta blues player (with a limited repertoire, initially, of course).
Since then I have purchased dozens of Homespun CDs, VHS tapes, and DVDs in a dozen different genres and on various instruments. And these six CDs, and Rory's clear and extremely detailed audio instruction, as well as the accompanying tablature/music booklet, remain among my all-time favorite--and effective--instructional sessions, on any label by any artist. Rory Block is not only a master of the Delta blues, she is a master teacher. You may feel that you need video reinforcement to master these dozen-or-so tunes, but believe me, you don't. Thank you a thousand times over, Rory Block, for making my foray into Delta blues and open tunings a joyful breeze. I wish I could somehow return the favor for all the years of brilliant instruction you've provided me and others. Mahalo! And Aloha. Mike Morgan, Kasilof, Alaska

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