Contemporary Fingerstyle Workshop

Chris Proctor
80-minute lesson, Includes music and tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLPROGT21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

For the first time, key concepts of Chris Proctor's powerful and influential guitar workshops have been made available for home study. Using examples from a wide range of styles, Chris' method will add finesse, strength and fluidity to your playing.

You'll learn spectacular solo pieces while developing invaluable insights into devices such as the partial capo, the E-bow, Alaska Picks and alternate tunings. Chris teaches you to use your fingers independently using a thumb and three-finger style. Through scales, exercises and complete instrumentals, you'll develop the ability to play melodies, tastefully inserting rolls, arpeggiated notes, special voicings, triplets and other variations to expand your sound palette. Instrument set-up and common sound problems faced by acoustic performers are discussed, and solutions are offered.

You'll put all this into practice with arrangements to the Civil War Song, Aura Lee (the tune to Elvis' hit Love Me Tender), Huckleberry Hornpipe (in open G) and two complex Proctor originals, Tiptoes (in dropped-D tuning) and Interstate.

This lesson will help guitarists of all levels with inspiration, constructive practice routines and a whole spectrum of new ideas.


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