David Cohen Teaches Rock 'n' Roll Piano

David Bennett Cohen

A Hands-on Beginner's Course in Traditional Rock Styles

Skill Level 1

One CD with 44 page music book
  • Code:CD---DC03
Sit down at the piano and start to rock! This easy play-along course will have you rockin' and rollin' in no time -- even if you have never played this kind of piano before. David Cohen starts you at the beginning, quickly getting you into the elementary theory needed to understand the chord progressions, rhythm grooves and bluesy licks that became known as rock 'n' roll. You'll soon be playing the riffs pioneered by Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Johnnie Johnson, Little Richard and other early piano greats.

David helps you to systematically build coordination between left and right hand, teaching a variety of bass lines along with treble licks and solos. You'll learn how to use techniques such as the glissando, the shuffle, Chuck Berry-style eighth note grooves, clavT (Bo Diddley) rhythms and the rock 'n' roll ballad. As he teaches, David passes on invaluable information on blues scales, turnarounds, ending licks, advice about playing in a band and other elements which, when put together, comprise the real traditional rock sound.

By the time this CD lesson ends, you'll be jamming and improvising fast and slow rock 'n' roll tunes, and will have a number of rhythmic variations in your left hand to add drive and pulse to your playing. Most importantly, you'll have the solid basis from which to go on to more complex and demanding techniques in this fabulous American musical form.

BONUS! Three special play-along tracks are included in which you can play along with a full rock rhythm section. Put all the instruction you've learned together and play along with the band!

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