Dr B's Rhythmic Training

Karl Berger

Improve Your Timing and Creative Potential

Three audio hours plus music on pdf file
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Regardless of your instrument or the style of music you play, this powerful and intriguing set of lessons will help you become freer, more creative and more confident in your playing.

Famed jazz musician, composer and arranger Karl Berger has devised a unique system for understanding and playing in any meter, from standard time signatures (4/4, 3/4, 6/8) to more exotic odd meters and polyrhythms. These fabulous lessons will sharpen your rhythmic approach to classical, jazz, pop, bluegrass and world beat music.

"I've seen this method work in a most miraculous way," Karl says. "Students improve their timing and expand their creative potential. It's an endless source of study."

Working with top session drummer Kirk Driscoll, Karl demonstrates 35 polyrhythmic forms, playing them on vibes, synthesizer and piano. You'll get "inside" every groove, enabling you to confidently incorporate complex and subtle rhythmic expression into your playing. The understanding you'll gain from Karl's exercises will free you to improvise and explore untapped rhythmic possibilities. Rhythm tracks are provided so you can play and improvise along with the lesson, transforming your lesson into a dynamic and exciting home practice session.


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