Drumming For Kids

Sam Zucchini

Making the Basics Fun and Easy

60-Minute video
  • Code:DLZUCDM21
  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

Every kid wants to be a drummer, and this is the coolest way ever to get started! Sam Zucchini makes it fun and easy as he teaches how to keep time, count beats, understand rhythm and generally get tuned in to playing in an ensemble. The other Zucchini Brothers (popular children's entertainers, musicians and all-around colorful personalities) join in on guitar and keyboards so the young drummer can play along with the band.

If there's a drum set in the house, that's fine -- but not necessary. Sam takes an ordinary kitchen stool and shows how to start using drumsticks to keep the beat on the rubber step-pad. The learning drummer develops coordination and timing through a series of interactive exercises that keep him or her involved and actively participating by playing along with the lesson.

After teaching basic time-keeping, Sam moves on to the slightly more advanced concept of playing three different elements of the drum set (or stool): the snare, hi-hat and bass drum. By the time the lesson is completed, it will be time to take on more serious studies and the challenge of full drum set technique.


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