Drumming Made Easy

Harvey Sorgen
110-minute video, Includes music sheet on pdf file
  • Code:DLSORDM21
  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

This fun, easy, hands-on lesson is a complete drum primer! From the first minutes of this lesson, beginners of all ages will be playing rhythm grooves right along with Harvey and his band.

Harvey teaches how to hold the sticks and the basic concepts of reading music and timing. Using four elementary grooves, he provides exercises to help you strengthen and center yourself as you achieve coordination and comfort on the entire drum kit. On-screen graphics are an added bonus as players get all the tools needed to develop their own rhythmic technique.


"A gem. (Sorgen) knows what he's talking about and he's full of natural enthusiasm for his art. This lengthy (110-minute) lesson is full of informative stuff and roughly double the value of most videos. He encourages you and let's you know that he's right there with you, pounding that fat pocket for all it's worth. Groovehead's recommendation of this video is unreserved. It should be a compulsory purchase item for anyone who buys even so much as a practice pad. Simplicity is the word and Sorgen's sense of humour and, dare I say it again, enthusiasm are inspiring. If you plan on buying drums, own drums or just want to check out what playing the drums is all about, then purchase this nugget and spend a couple of hours in front of the box watching something that will get you into the groove quicker than an Al Jackson drum fill." -- Rhythm (Beats Working), U.K.

"Hot Tuna drummer Harvey Sorgen provides the very basics for the beginning student drummer in this play-along video. . . .An introduction to reading quarter-notes, eighth-notes, and sixteenth-notes is very accessible; in this section, Sorgen is successful at emphasizing two points to beginners: get comfortable and play slowly."-- DRUM!


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