Easy Moveable Chords for Dynamic Blues Soloing

Toby Walker

Play Seven Blues Classics Around the Fretboard

One hour video lesson with music/TAB booklet on pdf
  • Code:DLWKREM21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Here’s a really fun and informative lesson for players at all levels. Toby Walker has long been among our most popular guitar instructors, and on this session he shows early-intermediate players how certain chord shapes, particularly the “long A,” can be used to get around the fretboard and create authentic-sounding fingerstyle blues solos - with a minimum of effort. 

Starting with John Hurt’s Coffee Blues, Toby explores a bit of Hurt’s sound before moving the whole thing up the neck, showing how to get cool variations and alternate melodies. He then builds on this instructional technique, methodically exploring a number of other songs: Mance’s Blues (with a nod to Mance Lipscomb); Eugene’s Rag (Sonny Boy Nelson); variations on the Key to the Highway progression; Love in Vain (Robert Johnson); and Big Road Blues (Tommy Johnson). Toby ends his lesson with Blind Boy Fuller’s Keep On Truckin’, with its jazzier, slightly more complex chord progression.

Along the way, you'll learn a couple of alternate tunings (Dropped G and Dropped D), and important picking techniques such as alternating and steady-bass thumb, and percussive string-snapping. Not to mention, of course, lots of moveable chords. With his clear, concise teaching style, Toby makes playing the guitar both exciting and enjoyable. Don’t miss this one!


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