Electric Guitar for Kids - Two video Set

Marcy Marxer, Pete Kennedy
WINNER! 2008 iParenting Gold Media Award
WINNER! Parent's Choice Award
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Video One: Getting Started

Here's the coolest way ever to learn to play an electric guitar!

These fun, easy to use play-along lessons will teach budding players the music fundamentals, from holding and tuning the guitar to playing rhythm grooves, forming chords and even making up their own rock solos.

There's plenty of opportunity to jam right along with Pete and Marcy and their talented friends, Jake (age 14) and Emily (age 11). Their friendly energy encourages kids to join in with them while they teach exciting guitar techniques.

If there was ever a kid-friendly way to start rockin' on the guitar, this is it!

EXTRA: Jam-along audio tracks so you can practice what you've learned along with a rhythm section.

Video Two: Really Playing!

Pete Kennedy and Marcy Marxer bring the fun up several notches as they guide young guitarists through important new levels of skills and musical development, including barre chords, blues progressions, "metal" power chords, rhythm grooves and playing chords and scales in different keys.

Once again, they make it fun with humor, energy and plenty of interactive play-alongs.


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