Exploring the Fingerboard

Russ Barenberg
Six audio hours, includes tablature on pdf file

Find and play any note in any position on the neck, build chords and improvise melodies!

This six-hour course, devised for Homespun by the well-known guitarist Russ Barenberg, provides a road map for fully understanding the entire guitar fingerboard.

Russ shows you how to play scales in a variety of fingerings and positions to familiarize you with every note. He then isolates the intervals, so you always know where to find important chord degrees such as the tonic, major third, minor third, fifth, dominant seventh, etc. In this way, you learn the basics of chord building and fine-tune your harmonic ear.

As you progress through this unique method, you'll discover how to pick out melodies and then vary them, developing your improvisational skills. Russ also covers music theory as it pertains to the guitar, ear training, improvisation and exercises to strengthen your left hand. Highly recommended for all serious guitar students, regardless of the style of music you prefer to play.


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