Exploring the House of the Rising Sun - Video Two

Happy Traum

Learn to Play An American Classic Continued

  • Code:DLHAPHR22
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Taking this great song to the next level, Happy shows how you can develop a more improvisational approach to building an arrangement. First, you’ll learn to find the melody notes in the first-position chords, using hammer-ons, slides and passing tones - as well as right hand picking variations - to give your playing more depth and style.  

You’ll then use movable chords up the neck to bring out the melody of the song in a higher register. By adding different chord shapes, you’ll get more ear-catching sounds from your guitar as you find the notes you need.. 

The next step will be to learn to use a blues scale to improvise a compelling and interesting lead part. This is a wholly different approach to soloing and will free you up to explore your guitar’s fingerboard possibilities on a new and exciting level. 


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