Fingerpicking, Flatpicking and Slide

Merle Watson, Doc Watson
Two audio hours, includes music & tab on pdf file With Doc Watson, second guitar
  • Code:CDLWATCG99
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Merle Watson recorded these lessons for Homespun in 1979, and we have re-edited them and enhanced the audio for this digital release. He chose songs and instrumentals to help aspiring players build strong repertoire and technique, as well as learn the secrets of arranging fingerpicking, flatpicking and slide tunes for good duet or solo playing. His dad, Doc Watson, joined in, backing up his son and helping him demonstrate and teach their amazing "twin guitar" instrumentals.

Lesson One - Country Guitar Fingerpicking Solos & Duets: Southbound, Candyman, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Goin' Down The Road, Make Me A Pallet On The Floor, Nine-Pound Hammer, The Last Thing On My Mind, Worried Blues, Bonaparte's Retreat, Windy and Warm, Blue Railroad Train, Solid Gone, Deep River Blues.

Lesson Two - Slide Guitar and Flatpicking Solos & Duets: Poor Boy Blues, Daybreak Blues, Curly Headed Baby, Can't Be Satisfied, Wabash Cannonball, Minglewood Blues, Miss The Mississippi And You, Columbus Stockade, Honky Tonkin', Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Old Joe Clark, Salt Creek, Florida Blues, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Red-Haired Boy.

Customer Review:

"The Merle work is amazing, what a player he was! His voice and anecdotes are a real pleasure. I believe he and Doc were very generous here. Loads of songs from the Memories album which is fantastic. I really love it, as challenging as it is." - Scott (France) on Homespun Forum


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