Fingerpicking Made Easy

Happy Traum
Three audio Hours, Includes music and tablature on pdf file
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Fingerpicking guitar technique combines rhythmic basses with syncopated treble notes to create a wonderfully complex sound. Through his many years of teaching experience, Happy Traum has devised a course that will allow you to start fingerpicking folk, blues and country songs almost immediately by using pre-set "picking patterns" that you can learn by rote.

This foolproof method in the use of right-hand patterns for both song accompaniment and solo melody playing gives you a thorough introduction to basic fingerpicking techniques, and shows you how you can immediately apply them to a number of great songs.

In addition to learning this wonderful guitar style, your playing will be improved with increased left- and right-hand coordination, the use of bass runs and harmony lines, and other techniques that will add new dimensions to your music. Best of all, once you have these patterns mastered you'll be able to go on to learn more advanced fingerpicking styles of players such as Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson, Merle Travis, and many others.

This three-hour series can be used by anyone who knows the basic chords, even if you have never played this way before.

Lesson 1-Starting to pick: Thumb-lead patterns for song accompaniment. "Banks of the Ohio," "Red Apple Juice," "Butcher's Boy," "900 Miles."

Lesson 2-Index and middle-finger lead picking: "Railroad Bill," "Pretty Peggy-O," "Fishin' Blues," "All My Trials."

Lesson 3-Bass runs, bass-lead melody picking: "Man of Constant Sorrow," "Buckdancer's Choice," "Cannonball," "Railroad Bill," "Freight Train," "Will The Circle Be Unbroken."

Student Reviews:

"I just finished Fingerpicking Made Easy and loved it! You should hear me play 'Buckdancer's Choice' and 'Railroad Bill!' I can't believe how much I've improved with this book. I reluctantly took your advice and tried fingerpicks (Alaska pics) and was surprised at just how easy it was to get accustomed to them.

Keep the CDs coming.... I can listen to them as I commute to work. I pick things up faster by hearing them over and over again. Then when I sit down with the music it comes together rather quickly. The CDs are great." -- Barb Schlatter (by email)


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