Fingerstyle Artistry of Laurence Juber - Video 2

Laurence Juber

DVD Two: Altered Tunings

60-minute video, Includes music + tab pdf file
  • Code:DLJUBGT22
  • Skill Level:Advanced Intermediate (5)

Laurence Juber uses a full array of techniques to create his superb voicings and unique guitar arrangements. On this inspiring session he concentrates on pieces played in altered tunings, showing you how DADGAD, open-C and open-G minor tunings influence a tune's shape and sound.

All of Laurence's instrumentals feature a variety of hammers, pulls, slides, bends, vibrato and octave stretches. You'll learn how he uses two-hand tapping, thumb slaps, harmonics and other percussive techniques to give a piece extra dimension and power. And, on one piece, he combines all of this with Big Band-era chord inversions for a rich, jazz-tinged sound.

You'll learn, in detail, some of Laurence's most requested tunes: Pass The Buck, Bob's Your Uncle, Rules Of The Road and Feet On My Back Again. As a bonus, Laurence's evocative arrangement of The Beatles' Rain (in CGDGAD) incorporates everything you've studied and features lush dynamic contrasts. This DVD is guaranteed to give your own solo acoustic playing more depth and richness than you ever imagined.


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