Five Unique Pieces for Blues/Roots Guitar

Mary Flower

Build Your Technique Step-by-Step

One-Hour Video Lesson with Tab Booklet on PDF File
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Mary Flower has a masterful command of the blues. She combines technical know-how with an undeniably soulful groove. Here, Mary teaches five original, distinct pieces that cover four different tunings: standard, dropped D, open G, and D minor.

West Delta Blues employs a “dead thumb” right hand picking technique and a cool sliding lick on the treble strings that draw on the sparse sound of the Mississippi Delta. 

In Davis Street Rag, Mary works out of the key of G in standard tuning, playing syncopated treble lines over an alternating bass pattern. 

Blues in A, in dropped D tuning, starts on the four chord to use the resonant, lowered D note for a uniquely rich bass sound. Slides, hammer-ons, and a great lick over the A chord will work well in other blues songs in that key. 

Minnie’s Groove puts you in open G tuning with an alternating bass line, slides, a nice turnaround, and funky chord voicings. 

Open D Minor Blues ends the lesson with the eerie-sounding tuning and licks typical of the great Skip James.

This excellent lesson will inspire you to explore different tunings, licks and songs in your quest to become a better acoustic blues player.


Charles London 6 months ago

The discount code is always invalid when I try to buy and checkout.

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susan Robinson 6 months ago

Hi Charles

Thanks for your interest! The Discount Code MAKEMUSIC seems to be working fine for others. Are you typing MAKEMUSIC into the Discount Code box in the cart, then clicking on apply?

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