Folk Rhythms

David Holt

Learn to Play Spoons, Bones, Washboard and more!

47-minute video
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  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

This unique and highly entertaining lesson will teach you to make complex rhythms using the simplest of materials, some right out of your kitchen drawer. It's fun, and anyone can do it -- no music lessons, note-reading or expensive instruments are needed to join in with the band!

David Holt's infectious enthusiasm and clear instructions will have you playing fascinating rhythms in no time. You'll develop coordination and physical dexterity, while attaining a deeper understanding of traditional American music.

Learning the proper way to play rolls, accents, fills, and a variety of sounds on these easy instruments will teach you the basics of percussion so you can contribute to jam sessions and other musical events.

You don't even need an instrument! In addition to learning to play metal and wooden spoons, bones, washboard and even the paper bag, David passes on the traditional art of hambone, using nothing but his own body to create fabulous sounds and rhythms. Mastering the series of moves that have been handed down for generations will enable you to create your own show-stopping routines, and entertain family and friends.

Customer Review:

"I just wanted to express my thanks for your DVD on folk rhythms with David Holt. I play a variety of odd instruments (a nose flute, for example) but my primary instrument is the hammered dulcimer, an instrument that is wonderful for jamming. However, sometimes the tunes are in keys that aren't dulcimer-friendly. I've pondered what I could do during those tunes, besides smiling and sitting there like a bump on a log. I was at the library and noticed your DVD, especially the cover wording: "Learn to play spoons,...and the paper bag." Paper bag?! I checked it out and have been thrilled with the things I've learned. Our next jam is Dec. 2 and I plan to take both a paper bag and a set of spoons along with my dulcimer. Again, thank you for a wonderful DVD." -- Susan Lee


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