Friends and Neighbors: The Happy Traum Band


Featuring Larry Campbell, Roly Salley, Cindy Cashdollar and Paul Butterfield

Originally released by Slice of Life Records (Japan) and downloadable for the first time, this historic “live” recording features Happy Traum with Larry Campbell, Roly Salley, Cindy Cashdollar and Paul Butterfield. It’s an exciting mix of traditional and newly written (in 1982) songs played with great verve and musicianship.
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On a chilly, rainy night in November, 1982, a small studio deep in the woods off Glasco Turnpike, in Woodstock, NY, was packed with an overflow crowd. Artists, musicians, garage mechanics, lawyers, carpenters and other working people sat on a few folding chairs or on the floor facing one end of the room, which was set up with microphones, amps and instruments. They were there to participate in a live recording session by guitarist and folk singer Happy Traum, bassist Roly Salley and multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell. As the Happy Traum Band, the trio had recently returned from a 7-week tour throughout Europe and parts of the U.S. Long-time members of the Woodstock community and former band-mates in the Woodstock Mountains Revue, they were now home again and playing for their friends and neighbors.

A couple of surprise guests showed up: a very young Cindy Cashdollar brought her Dobro; Paul Butterfield came with his box of harps; and recording engineer/musician Andy Robinson left his machines and joined in on vocals, percussion and a few organ licks. Several songs had the added benefit of some fine singing and hand-clapping from the audience, whose enthusiasm spilled onto the final tapes to leave a lasting impression of a memorable evening.

Much time has gone by, but the music is still here, miraculously intact and well preserved for listeners, new and old. Hearing it for the first time in decades, I was pleasantly surprised that the songs, the musicianship, and the sense of camaraderie - among the musicians and the audience alike - could still be felt all these years later. I hope our listeners will feel this too.

Songs:  “Friends and Neighbors,” “Rabbit’s Luck,” “Gypsy Davey,” “Young Hunting,” “Morning Blues,” “Rosie,” “Sixteen Tons,” “Link in the Chain,” “Sailor’s Prayer,” “Sail Away Ladies,” “Just the Motion,” “Jackhammer Blues.” 


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