Big Bill Broonzy's "Glory of Love"

Happy Traum

A Single Song Lesson - 20 minutes - includes tab

  • Code:DLHAPGO21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Big Bill Broonzy was a master musician whose styles ran the gamut from country blues to ragtime, from popular songs to his own originals. This powerful fingerstyle guitarist and vocalist was a major influence on the early folk and blues revival, and his impact is still being felt today.

Big Bill transformed “Glory of Love,” a widely-known 1930s-era pop standard, into a bluesy fingerpicking show-piece. It's fun to play and incorporates licks and techniques that can be applied to many other songs. Bill played a rhythmic alternating bass right hand out of the C position, building syncopated variations of the melody and adding bluesy licks in his unique and infectious style. 

As usual, Happy's instruction is easy to follow, making this song a pleasure to learn. Whether you are just getting into fingerpicking or are an experienced picker looking for a fun addition to your repertoire, you'll find lots of useful nuggets here. The material in this lesson can be applied to many other songs in this style, so it will go a long way to building your guitar expertise. Happy adds some interesting historical footnotes to the lesson, making it a great all-around experience. 


Jim C. 2 years, 7 months ago

It should be noted that though this is a nice lesson and Happy does go slow, but there is no accompanying TAB so you have to learn by watching so you must practice in front of your computer.

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Happy Traum 2 years, 7 months ago

Hi Jim,
I thought that the video lesson was clear enough but you are not the first customer to complain about this. So, I'll try to have a TAB sheet done for this lesson in the next couple of weeks. Email us and we'll send it when it's ready. Thanks for the feedback.

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Steven Huff 2 years, 2 months ago

I see the tab is up. That's great! For me it's not so much being to practice away from the computer. You're a great teacher, but I have a lot of trouble following along on everything people do. So the tab really helps.

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