Great Guitar Lessons - Blues and Country Fingerpicking

Eddie Adcock, Roy Book Binder, Doc Watson, John Jackson, Thom Bresh, Rory Block, Happy Traum

Blues & Country Fingerpicking

75-minute video, Includes music + tab pdf file
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This terrific compilation features basic to advanced lessons from some of Homespun's most celebrated pickers. You'll become familiar with each instructor's teaching and playing style, and expand your own guitar technique, as you master several complete tunes.

Happy Traum - "John Henry" (new lesson); John Jackson - "Louis Collins" (The Fingerpicking Blues Of John Jackson); Rory Block - "Fixin' To Die" (The Power Of Delta Blues Guitar,DVD 2); Roy Book Binder - "Ragtime Instrumental Medley" (Blues By The Book, Lesson One); Doc Watson - "Southbound" (Doc's Guitar); Eddie Adcock - "Red Wing" (Fingerstyle Bluegrass Guitar); Thom Bresh - "Walkin' The Strings" (The Real Merle Travis Guitar)

Student Review:

"Of all the videos I have ordered from Homespun Tapes, "Great Guitar Lessons" is easily my favorite. I loved it so much that I thought I would take time to write and tell you, in the hopes that similar videos may be forthcoming. The combination of all the different artists was a great idea, because it really holds your attention. Each artist was wonderful, and it was very stimulating to experience the different style and technique of each. These videos are a God-send to folks like me, who are self-taught, and who never took any formal training." - Carol Bollinger/Austin, TX


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