Guide to Modern Jazz Piano - Video 2

Andy LaVerne

For Solo or Group Playing

90-minute video, Includes music on pdf file with John Abercrombie (guitar), Steve LaSpina (bass) and Jeff Hirshfield (drums)
  • Code:DVDLAVJP22
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Continue your studies in modern jazz piano with this information-packed video lesson. Renowned jazz pianist Andy LaVerne provides you with the music theory and technical knowledge that you need to master beautiful tunes and acquire advanced playing skills. He analyzes several of his own compositions - I.R.S., Circadian Rhythm, Suzy'sWorld - and a reharmonized version of the standard All The Things You Are, detailing the scales, modes, voicings, chord progressions and other vital subject matter you need to bring your understanding of jazz piano into focus.

Andy records each tune on the Yamaha Disklavier, an acoustic piano equipped with a computer that stores the performances on a disk. He then plays the disk back at half-speed and gives a full explanation as you hear the music in note-for-note detail, a successful teaching technique he pioneered on his Homespun video, "Jazz Piano Standards."

Andy is backed up by a band of top jazz artists, who perform each tune in its entirety, using duo, trio and quartet formats to illustrate various aspects of the songs. By the end of this DVD, you'll add color and excitement to your own jazz solos and sharpen your skills in improvising and arranging.


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