Guitar Chord Magic - Video 1

Artie Traum

A Guide to Cool Chords and Progressions

60-minute video, Includes chord diagrams pdf file
  • Code:DLARTMA21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Artie Traum's unique and powerful method starts with three-note chords, showing how you can easily move them around the fingerboard and substitute them for ordinary major and minor triads. You'll learn how to build chords and develop your ear to choose the right chords for a particular song. Artie illustrates these techniques by teaching several great blues and original songs. If you have been playing blues, country, folk or rock guitar and are hoping to break into new musical territory, this lesson is an invaluable guide!

This video is guaranteed to bring your playing to a whole new level. Song accompaniments will swing like never before as you learn chord inversions and progressions that will add interest and inventiveness to your music. The easy-to-learn ideas that Artie Traum passes along will help you make a quantum leap in your approach to chords and the entire guitar fingerboard.

Whether you play acoustic folk, blues, country or rock guitar, Artie Traum's guitar chord method will be your invaluable guide to creating more interesting sounds and arrangements.

Artie brings fun and excitement to the way you approach even the simplest songs. He starts by showing you jazzy three-note chords, and how you can easily move them around the neck and substitute them for the standard major and minor triads you may be using now. Within minutes you'll be playing turnarounds and progressions you couldn't quite figure out before. Artie teaches you to apply these magical elements to any song you want to play.


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