Guitar Chord Magic - Video 2

Artie Traum

Spicing Up Your Fingerstyle Arrangements

60-minute video, Includes chords on pdf file
  • Code:DVDARTMA22
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

This fascinating lesson shows you how basic jazz techniques can be used to compose beautiful fingerstyle instrumentals. This invaluable information is ideal for you folk, country and pop players who want to add new textures and harmonies to your music. Like the first lesson in this set, the emphasis is on expansion, or on becoming "unstuck" as you grow as a guitarist.

Join Artie Traum as he continues his exploration of the guitar's magical possibilities by showing how simple chord shapes, combined with finger style techniques, can help you compose beautiful solos and enhance your songs with a more "jazzy" feel.

You'll be thrilled with the new sounds and ideas you'll gain from this lesson. Artie teaches progressions using moving basses, harmony lines and other basic skills that will add rich sounds to your acoustic folk, blues, country or pop style songs and instrumentals.

Learn how Artie uses these techniques when creating songs and instrumentals for his live performances and award-winning CDs. He breaks down several of his arrangements and accompaniments so that you can apply his musical insights to your own playing.

The songs and techniques taught on this video will prove invaluable for adding new and interesting textures, harmonies and musical ideas to your playing. Let Artie Traum be your guide in helping you break into new musical territory.


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