Guitar Chord Magic - Two-Video Set

Artie Traum

Complete two-lesson series

Two video set
  • Code:DLARTMA23
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Artie Traum's unique and powerful method starts with three-note chords, showing how you can easily move them around the fingerboard and substitute them for ordinary major and minor triads. You'll learn how to build chords and develop your ear to choose the right chords for a particular song. Artie illustrates these techniques by teaching several great blues and original songs. If you have been playing blues, country, folk or rock guitar and are hoping to break into new musical territory, this lesson is an invaluable guide!

Student Review:

"I've bought quite a few guitar instruction videos from Homespun and other sources. Just want to say that out the many instructional videos I've gone through, perhaps Artie's "Chord Magic" series has been the most helpful and useful. It dawned on me the other day how much Artie's "Chord Magic" stuff has been a big influence on my playing when I went back to review it... I was remembering, "oh yah, that's where I learned it!"... Stuff I now 'automatically' apply to my regular playing!! I recall now, how purchasing the Artie Traum videos about a year ago actually kicked me in the butt and probably made me a better player and songwriter. No exaggerations!!! Thanks Artie!!" -- Posted on the Homespun Forum


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