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Happy Traum

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Happy Traum Teaches Fingerstyle Arrangements for Six Blues, Country and Folk Songs From His Acclaimed CD "Just For the Love of It”

Two-hour video download $24.95

Catalog DL-HAP-JF21

Level 3

These six songs and instrumentals will challenge, delight and inspire learning guitarists looking for new techniques and fresh repertoire. Happy teaches two traditional blues; a timeless cowboy song; an instrumental version of a great country/pop classic and more. Each song demonstrates important styles and techniques that will add depth and finesse to your playing.  This lesson will keep you busy for a long time and is sure to build your guitar skills to another level.

About the CD

On "Just For the Love of It” Happy leads an all-star group of musicians on 14 traditional folk and blues classics. The CD has received rave reviews (Four Stars in Rolling Stone), was named in several end-of-year “Best of” lists, and was among the top 10 Folk-DJ radio plays. 

CD download: $9.95

What they're saying about this CD:

"You’d best not miss Happy Traum’s Just For The Love Of It. I’ve been a huge fan of Happy’s for years and you should be too! This is a triumphant work. Don’t let it get away!" - Jorma Kaukonen

"...another very sweet gem of a CD. As usual, Happy has impeccable taste in choosing a program of great traditional folk and blues songs or contemporary songs written in the tradition and even better taste in the way he arranges them with both reverence for his sources and the originality of his always creative fingerpicking guitar and warm singing. He also surrounds himself – track to track – with just the right set of supporting musicians for each song and arrangement." - Mike Regenstreif, Folk Roots and Folk Branches

"The title of the album sums it up. Happy Traum, the preeminent guitarist who started during the folk boom and accompanied many great artists, along with several albums with his late brother Artie, sat back, took stock and with a deep, subtle passion recorded an album of his favorite traditional and contemporary songs and instrumentals. Although well on in years, his fingers still do their dance on the guitar as agilely as in his youth and he sings with the experience only years provide. Many older artists attempt to go back and mine gold, but Traum succeeds. He's accompanied by many talented artists including John Sebastian on harmonica; Abby Newton, cello; Martin Simpson, guitar and David Amram, the one-man orchestra." - Rich Warren, "Midnight Special" Radio Show

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