Happy Traum Teaches Blues Guitar Book-CD

Happy Traum
Skill Level 2

CD plus 24-page music + tab book
  • Code:CD---HT01
You only have to know the basic chords to get started playing fingerstyle blues guitar! Happy Traum's user-friendly lesson starts with a play-along explanation of the basic 12-bar blues form in the key of E, and then it's right into your first song. You'll gradually learn turnarounds, fills, runs, bass rhythms and "boogie woogie" walking basses and other important blues elements.

Working on your right-hand fingerpicking, Happy gets you "breaking up the chords" in the way he learned personally from Brownie McGhee. You'll learn the traditional technique of maintaining a steady bass with your thumb against syncopated melody notes, played by your fingers and be on your way to even more advanced blues stylings and repertoire.

Songs: "Good Morning Blues," "New Stranger Blues," "Rock Me Mama," "In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down."

Student Reviews:

"I have recently purchased one of the Homespun Listen and Learn series books, namely "Happy Traum Teaches Blues Guitar" and, as I am so impressed with the purchase, I would like to see what more brilliant blues guitar books you have to offer. I would be much obliged if your could send more information or even a catalogue to me, so that I can continue my acoustic blues sessions in style. Full credit goes to Happy Traum for his remarkable blues teaching talents - I'd like to shake the man by the hand." --Mike Davies

"Just a quick note to thank you for Happy Traum Teaches Blues Guitar." The book and CD work very well together as a teaching method - the CD is much preferable to tape, for me a least. Most important though is your teaching, which is so clear and methodical . Thanks for helping to "unlock" some of the blues techniques for me."--Henry Nield

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