Happy Traum's You Can Play Guitar - 2-DVD Set

Happy Traum

A Complete Course for the Beginner

Two DVDs, Includes Chords, Music and Tab
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  • Skill Level:Novice (1)
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You can make music on the guitar even if you have never strummed a note! Happy Traum makes it easy with his unique step-by-step method, honed by forty years of teaching experience. He provides you with the skills you need to play and sing literally hundreds of songs in a wide variety of styles.

Each of the three lessons on these DVDs explores a different aspect of the instrument:

  • Lesson One teaches you all the chord fingerings and progressions you'll need to play songs in the most important guitar keys.
  • Lesson Two helps you add excitement to your song arrangements with a wide variety of rhythms, picking patterns and strumming techniques.
  • Lesson Three simplifies the guiding principles of guitar theory to explain how the strings, frets and notes all work together to help you make music.

By the time you've reached the end of this course you'll have acquired a solid musical foundation on the guitar, and the skills to go on to any style you like: classical, blues, folk, jazz or rock.

Student Review:

"I just wanted to thank Happy Traum and Homespun Tapes for such great instructional tapes in "You Can Play Guitar",  and The "Building Blocks Series".  I can't tell you how much my playing has improved in the three months since I ordered the tapes. Not only are the tapes informative and well thought out, they are a lot of fun to learn from. Many thanks for a job well done." - Andrew Brethorst, Carlyle, IL


Mark Dancer 1 month, 2 weeks ago

There is a real problem with Happy's teaching in this course, and that's that every time there's a change in chord in the song he stops strumming, and tells you the chord change, and waits while you have time to change, and then starts strumming again. This totally destroys any feeling of flow or rhythm in the music, and is not how you need to learn to play (unless you like your music delivered in two bar sound bites).

As Homespun chose Platform Purple as their streaming software, I cannot recommend strongly enough not purchasing this product in downloadable form.

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